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Welcome to the personal world of Jaap Langhenkel.

Following my retirement from active military duty in August 2009, I suddenly found myself in some sort of a vacuum characterized by lots of time and very little to do. The first few months were actually quite pleasant; you don't have to pay attention to the alarm clock anymore, there is no more commuter frustration and, in my case, I discovered the niceties of being a houseman.

But after a while I found that those new tasks did not quite suffice to help me fill my days and I got bored. So, I had to re-orient myself and that re-orientation brought me to the desire to develop and publish my own website. Not just because I wanted to have the opportunity to advertize my skills on the web and in doing so, maybe find a new job, but also because I felt the urge to publish my opinion on certain (in my view, important) topics and thus contribute to the public debate.

So, I registered my own domain and used the providers template to come up with a first draft and I welcome you to it. Obviously, this is a project "under development" and I will progressively add more substance to the site. For the time being, I will first concentrate on providing an adequate description of my world, who I am, and which people currently play an important role in my life.

Following the previously mentioned initial steps, I have added other pages on this site, covering my military expertise, my MBA and my personal views on important issues. I have also added contact details and published a number of pictures.

Since 2011, I have started working again. It began with a request from the Canadian PEARSON Peacekeeping Center to draft a number of military documents for an exercise they were hired to develop and execute with Rapid Reaction Corps, France in Lille and from then on turned into an almost fulltime job with many other headquarters. You will find more info on my military expertise page.

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