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If you have come to the point where it is time to put things in perspective again, have a look

at this videoclip that I found on the Best of YouTube.

Suppose you are going thru a rough time and you think life is unfair to you. Have a look at this videoclip. Very rewarding, I think!

Short and snappy

the Boys

I was born on October 01, 1953 in Rhenen in The Netherlands. My father, Jan Cornelis Langhenkel, was a career soldier born in Amsterdam and my mother Ans worked as a nurse, until they got married. She was born in Rhenen as well.

I have/had 2 brothers: John, who was born in 1955 in Harderwijk and Martin, who was born in 1959 also in Harderwijk.

John worked for the Dutch Customs and later became a bailiff. He spent most of his life in Apeldoorn. He ended his life in April, 2004.

Martin, who lives in Apeldoorn, married Astrid Tijsma and got 3 children (Kirsten, Britt and Lars). His hobby was soccer, playing for the Go Ahead Eagles and Heracles and being a trainer of (youth) teams of Robur et Velocitas and other primarily Apeldoorn-based clubs.

My youth was primarily spent in Harderwijk (10 years), where I went to kindergarten and primary school and in Apeldoorn (another 10 years), where I went to high school (the Koninklijke Hogere Burger School) until I joined the military in 1972.

After 37 years in the military, I retired in 2009 and currently live my life with my wife Iris in Germany (she is German). I have 2 sons from a previous marriage who are living in the Netherlands: Yori, born 19 May 1988 and Yaron, born 05 March, 1991.

Son Yori, born in 1988

Son Yaron, born in 1991

Born 01-10-1953 in Rhenen, The Netherlands.

Current adres:

Heisenbergweg 14

48565, Steinfurt


Phone: +49-2552-9978529


My wife Iris

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